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Newbury, uk
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Born South Wales of irish Mother & Welsh Father. Troubled childhood, parents split, homes, fostered etc. Joined RAF at 15, Left early 20s did vairety of jobs, sold double-glazing. Did Open university degree, then full-time degree in psychology, (Liverpool) then an MSc (part) Kingston. Developed very successful business but was injured in Clapham Train Crash Dec 1988 and world fell apart 1989. Twice married before that, met Deb Nov 1990 by which time I'd 'dropped out permanently" to be a writer. Committed to a 5-year Plan Oct 92 and sold 3-book deal Oct 1993 (Hodder-Headline). Wrote and sold 5 Caz Flood novels but then drifted across to writing more serious fiction. Since published about 350 times while running Boot Camp which was free until March 2004 when I started to charge due to personal financial situation. Boot campers have had 1,000+ publication and 63 First Prizes.

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Writer, CW Teacher

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um, writing? Helping beginning writers achive publications that are worthwhile. This means steering them AWAY from 'showcases' another name for vanity publishing, almost always linked to a helpful print house who would just LOVE to publish a collection

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